Promotion & Prevention


ASQ Developmental Screening Project – Promotion and Prevention

The overall goal for the project is to ensure that all Children in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties, 5 years and under receive routine developmental screening; and parents have a better understanding of their child’s development (including social and emotional development).

Outcomes for Families

The ASQ-3/ASQ-SE offers parents:

  • A tool to help them observe and communicate about their child’s growth.
  • A road map for development in the early years
  • A link to community resources and supports
  • Reassurance
  • Research-based interventions for children whose screening results show a developmental lag or need for social emotional intervention.
  • These services assist with the development and support of the targeted children
  • Encourage and support parent participation and help improve school readiness.
  • Improve child outcomes

Outcomes for Professionals

  • Ensures that the child is developing age-appropriately; and understand the importance of developmental screenings as a first indicator for developmental delays.
  • Provides a tool to observe and communicate with parents about their child’s growth.
  • Provides training, coaching, information and support to early care and education staff on the developmental and social and emotional needs of all children.
  • HMG uses evidence-based practice models for professional development
  • Linked to local, regional, state and national resources.  A pre-affiliate to the National Help Me Grow Resource Center.

Outcomes for Community

  • Increases routine child developmental screenings build community data that could be used for future planning, service delivery, as well as advocacy efforts.
  • Offers the community an opportunity to:
  • Develop a community database on young children’s development
  • Build school readiness trend data for a better understanding of service gaps and needs
  • Provide better services and supports to all children in the community
  • Document the importance of early childhood support and services.
  • Increase access and use of the ASQ-3 and ASQ SE by utilizing the data provided from the scores
  • Adults in children’s lives will be better prepared and informed to help them develop the skills for academic, professional and economic success.
  • Comprehensive data analysis will be collected and used to create a public, community dashboard to measure and track current developmental scores, growth and trends.