Help Me Grow-Michigan Child Development Screening

The more you know about your child's growth and learning today, the more you can support their future success!


Developmental Stages

At this age most children will be able to…


Two Months

  • Hold head erect, bobbing when supported in sitting position
  • Imitate or respond with occasional smile to smiling person
  • Follow moving person with eyes
  • Vocalize
  • Move both legs and arms equally well

One Month

  •  Raise head slightly off floor or bed, when lying on stomach
  • Hold head up momentarily when supported
  • Briefly watch and follow objects with eyes
  • Avoid mildly annoying sensations (placement of cloth on face)
  • Make some “noise in throat” sounds

 Three Months

  • Lift head and chest when lying on stomach
  • Show vigorous body movement
  • Show improved head control
  • Recognize breast or bottle
  • Coo – chuckle

Four Months

  • Have good head control
  • Roll from side to side
  • Begin reaching
  • Laugh aloud
  • Take object, such as a rattle, when held near hand
  • Follow moving object when held in sitting position
  •  Enjoy play
  • Use comforting when distressed

Six Months

  •  Sit with a little help
  • Roll from back to stomach
  • Support weight; bounce activity
  • Babble – more than two sounds
  • Hold one toy and reach for another
Six Months

Six Months

Nine Months

  •  Sit alone – change position without falling
  • Creep or crawl on all fours
  • Express affection
  • Hold 2 objects at the same time
  • Say Mama – Dada
  • Show fear of strangers

Twelve Months

  •  Pull self to standing – may step with support
  • Pick things up with thumb and one finger
  • Put one toy in another
  • Give toy on request
  • Give affection
  • Follow simple directions accompanied by gestures
  • Say 2 or 3 words

Fifteen Months

  •  Walk without support
  • Stack 3 blocks
  • Use 5 or 6 words
  • Vocalize – voice up and down like conversation (jargon)
  • Partially feed self with a spoon or fingers
  • Find a hidden toy under a cover

Eighteen Months

  • Walk well
  • Climb up or down one stair
  • Walk backwards pulling a toy
  • Make marks with crayon on paper
  •  Partially feed self with a spoon
  • Use 5 to 10 words

2 years

  •  Kick large ball
  • Turn pages of a book
  • Imitate housework
  • Ask for items by name
  • Recognize familiar pictures – know if it is upside down
  • Use 2 or 3 words together, such as “more juice”

3 years

  • Walk up stairs
  • Stand momentarily on one foot
  • Jump up with both feet
  • Feed self
  • Put on a coat with help
  • Verbalize toilet needs

4 years

  • Hop in place
  • Throw ball over hand
  • Catch ball when bounced to him or her
  • Copy circles
  • Know own sex, age, last name
  •  Point to 5 basic colors
  • Play with other children
  • Use sentences with correct grammar, such as “Can I go to the store?” “I want a big cookie.”
  • Wash and dry hands unassisted

5 years

  • Walk backward toe to heel
  • Walk on tiptoe
  • Print a few capital letters
  • Recognize own printed name
  • Play with others
  • Identify a penny, nickel, and/or dime
  • Answer verbally to “Hi” and “How are you?”
  • Laces shoes